Edexcel GCSE Science (9-1) 2016

Supporting great science teaching 

Order our simple, inclusive and inspiring resources to help support you with delivering great science teaching for GCSE (9-1).


  • The Checkpoint teaching and learning approach that supports students to develop the skills required for the new assessments.

  • Support in exam preparation and practice.

  • Developing Maths skills.

  • Inclusive support for all abilities.

  • Support to deliver core practicals.

  • Tracking progression from 11-16.

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Series Includes:

Student Books

3 x Lab Books

ActiveLearn Digital Service

The full annual subscription includes:

- Homework practice and support (powered by ActiveLearn)

- Front-of-class teaching resources (powered by ActiveTeach)

- Teacher planning materials (Planner and Teacher and Technician Planning Pack)

- Activity and Assessment Pack  

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