Abacus - help every child achieve mastery in maths

Inspire confidence and a love of maths - and help every child achieve mastery

Abacus is a unique maths toolkit that’s carefully crafted to help you inspire a genuine love of maths and help every child master the maths curriculum.

  • See how Abacus supports teaching for masteryGives you freedom when you want it, and structure where you choose it, to support you to teach for mastery.
  • Brilliantly combines beautifully designed digital resources with workbooks and textbooks to capture children’s interest and inspire a genuine love of maths.
  • Mapped to a selection of rich mathematical tasks from NRICH to deepen children’s understanding and provide opportunities for mastery with greater depth.
  • Contains clever assessment tools to help you track children’s attainment and their progress towards Age Related Expectations.
  • Built on educational best practice by a team of expert authors who understand the realities of teaching and learning in a UK classroom.

See how Abacus supports teaching for mastery. 

NEW! White Rose Schemes of Learning matching charts for Abacus

The White Rose Maths Hub has developed FREE schemes of learning which provide schools with long term planning overviews (structured term by term) which show how to structure teaching for mastery around the primary mathematics curriculum in England. You can download charts that show how Abacus textbooks and workbooks support these schemes of learning.

Over 80% of teachers say that Abacus contributes significantly to children’s engagement, enjoyment and fluency in the fundamentals of maths Next Steps   

Live outside the UK?

  • International schoolscan buy the international edition of Abacus from Pearson Global Schools here.


*Survey run by Pearson measuring impact of Abacus on 95 teachers who have used Abacus for over a year.


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Service includes:

Online toolkit
Consisting of online planning tool, plan ideas and activities, teaching tools and interactive activities, assessment tools and tests - and more.

Online pupil world
Consisting of maths practice games, speaking and listening activities, problem-solving activities, rewards and avatars.

Workbooks and Textbooks

Progress and Assess tests (incl. new end-of-year tests) 

Professional Development

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Customer Review:

"Teachers are looking forward to teaching maths - perhaps more than any other subject."

- Deputy Headteacher,
The Cathedral School of
St. Saviour and St. Mary Overy

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