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Bug Club is packaged to for you. You can choose any combination of package to suit your needs - entirely print, entirely online, or a combination of the two to suit you.

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Independent Reading

Subscription pricing 

Independent Reading subscription package prices
 Starter Pro  Ultimate*
 KS1  £649  £849  £1,099
 KS2  £349  £449   £599
 Whole School  £899  £1,099  £1,399


Print pricing 

Independent Reading print package prices
 Starter Pro  Ultimate*
 KS1  £649  £1,199  £4,399
 KS2  £349  £749  £2,799
 Whole School  £899  £1,699  £6,399



Guided Reading

Print pricing 

Guided Reading print package prices
 Pro  Ultimate*
 KS1  £3,399  £4,399
 KS2  £1,999  £2,799
 Whole School  £4,999  £6,399


Subscription pricing 

Guided Reading subscription package prices
 Pro  Ultimate*
 KS1  £449  £1,099
 KS2  £249  £599
 Whole School  £549  £1,399


* Ultimate packages are made up of Independent and Guided Reading packages, and include Julia Donaldson's Shared Reading Plays to Act and Progress and Assess.


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Buy print packages online, or contact your local consultant to purchase online subscriptions or a combination of both.

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