Say hello to 18 new Bug Club titles

New Bug Club titles

Say hello to 18 new Bug Club titles

We are adding 18 new titles to the Bug Club family.  Like all of your Bug Club books, these new titles are aligned to the phonic progression in Letters and Sounds and finely levelled. This means your children will get a real sense of accomplishment as they steadily progress through the levels and you can rest assured that, with each book they read, they’ll be practising and consolidating their phonic skills and growing in reading confidence.

Key Stage One

There are now 14 new Key Stage One non-fiction reads which sit at levels Pink to Green and include titles such as Lots of Legs, My Holiday, Adventurers Neil Armstrong & Columbus and many more. We have put together a handy basket with all the new titles so buy now!

Bug Club Pink A Get Up and Go! 9780435167455

Bug Club Pink B In the Garden 9780435167851

Bug Club Red A (KS1) Lots of Legs 9780435167912

Bug Club Red A (KS1) We Can Do It! 9780435167936

Bug Club Red B (KS1) What is the Same? 9780435168018

Bug Club Yellow A Senses! 9780435168155

Bug Club Yellow B Spot the Shape 978043516819

3Bug Club Yellow C My Holiday 9780435168278

Bug Club Blue A (KS1) Oceans 9780435166779

Bug Club Blue B (KS1) My Shoes 9780435166847

Bug Club Blue C (KS1) Time to Sleep 9780435167134

Bug Club Green A Zoo Map 9780435167349

Bug Club Green B Epic Adventures 9780435167325

Bug Club Green C Materials Around Us 9780435167264

Read more about the all new books and how they link to the curriculum.


Key Stage Two

We have four new Key Stage Two titles. Ordering is easy and we have put together a complete basket with all the new KS2 titles. Buy now!

Bug Club Brown A Whose Is This? 9780435164713

Bug Club Grey A Porpoises in Peril 9780435164560

Bug Club Blue A (KS2) Washed Up! 9780435164386

Bug Club Red A (KS2) Jess & Layla's Astronomical Assignment 9780435165826






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