Every lesson made simple

We know that as a teacher time is precious, and that's why our downloadable Teaching Pack* does the planning for you, supporting your teaching for every lesson.

We've taken each of the 120 lessons from the free Scheme of Work, and created ready-made worksheets and editable PowerPoint slides for you to use front-of-class.

New to teaching BTEC?

If you're new to BTEC - or this isn't your core area of teaching - our resources give you everything you need to get started.

Been teaching BTEC for a while?

​I​f you've been teaching BTEC for a while, it's easy to ​adapt these​ resources to your individual lesson needs​.

Your next steps

Get to know your new resources by:

  1. Pre-order your Teaching Pack
  2. Request an appointment with your local resources expert

*These resources are available as a downloadable pack. Once purchased you will be provided with instructions on how to download the content from the ActiveLearn platform. 

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