Pearson Resource Gateway is closed

The Pearson Resource Gateway is now closed and it will not be possible to renew subscriptions.

The Pearson Resource Gateway has been replaced by ActiveLearn Digital Service which supports a wide range of current curricula. You can find details of support for your subject area here:

What is the Pearson Resource Gateway?

The Pearson Resource Gateway was an online gateway to provide simple access to Pearson CD Rom products for users of certain VLEs. It was created in 2010 to support resources associated with the last round of curriculum reform.

Why are we closing the Pearson Resource Gateway?

All of the CD products accessible on the Resource Gateway are now out of print and can no longer be supported. In the most part, these CDs supported qualifications which have now been replaced by the latest round of curriculum reform. The content on the Resource Gateway was mainly created in Flash format which is a format which is no longer widely supported by web browsers and mobile devices.

Can I still use the CD Roms I purchased?

Yes, this closure does not affect your CD products, however the CD Roms were developed for Windows XP, an operating system which Microsoft stopped supporting in April 2014. 

Where should I look for further support? 

Contact details for our Digital Support Team are here

Are there any alternative products or services available?

Information about ActiveLearn Digital Service which supports all of our current products and services can be found here:




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